Terms and Conditions

By using this system, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

JLE offers “JLE coins” as incentives for drivers who perform certain daily workflow tasks and record them using JLE’s app in accordance with JLE standards and/or directives from supervisors. JLE coins may be redeemed in your paycheck. Otherwise, JLE coins are not transferrable and have no cash value. In connection with this offer of JLE coins, the app may include features where you can spin a digital “wheel” for a chance to receive additional coins or other prizes. There is no cost in money, JLE coins, or incentives, to spin the “wheel.” The results of a spin of the “wheel” are randomly generated by a computer program, which JLE has designed. The results are not pre-determined in any way. JLE reserves the right to modify or end these incentives at any time without notice.

You must always keep safety the highest priority. The incentive program described above does not in any way encourage, promote, or reward any unsafe behavior, such as carelessness or speeding.

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